India vs NZ Takeaways

Takeaways from Ind vs Nz

A 2 month long tour for India in Newzealand gave us glimpses of enthralling cricket. From 2 super overs to annihilation of India in latter parts, it had everything a viewer desires. We give following takeaways for both teams to look forward:


NZ Regular Chokes:

They needed a mere 2 runs from 4 balls and they still found a way to lose that. In the next match they again took it to super over from winning position and lost it. They then went on to lose a match when they needed around 50 odd runs from 8 required overs. A lot of credit for these collapses should go to India for courageous bowling but should Newzealand have lost from that positions? Answer is no. Newzealand have to improve this part if they want to win the T20 World cup in October.


Are Odi’s important to India and why did they not rotate if not?

Virat Kohli after a 22 run defeat in 2nd Odi stated lack of relevance of Odi’s for India in 2020 ( Firstpost ). If Odi’s aren’t relevant than why did we not see rotation especially in the last match of the series. This statement from one of the world’s best cricketer is confusing and especially after the world cup Semi final you had, fans expect the team to grow for 2023 world cup.


Bumrah’s Form:

He has faced severe criticism from day one of the series. But people have to understand that Bumrah is coming back after a long injury season and it will take time to rediscover his old form back. But his performance in the final test will set optimism of Indian fans to a sky high.


Nz’s Lower order:

From 225 for 7 to 346 and then 153 for 7 to 235, these instances were from first and second test respectively. Did that change the course of the match? For me it had a major impact and it has been a big weakness for Virat Kohli’s team.


India’s Batting Conundrum:

Is it time for India to groom some young players and shuffle the team? With Rahane’s performance in the series, India will have to decide whether a new young player is needed to replace and take India forward for next cycle of World test championship. With Australia tour this year, a repeat of this performance and test Championship dream would be over in a flash for India. Lets see what they do in next foreign tour.


This was our Ind vs Nz Review.Hope you like it and give your views in the comment section on whether above stated takeaways were correct.

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