Is it Time for MS DHONI to retire?

 Every good thing comes to an end one day. Has the time come for MS Dhoni to bid goodbye to cricket?

 His enthralling career started with a run out and might finish with it. It would be stupid and ignorant to straight away underestimate him. I look at positives as well as negatives below if this was to happen:


Benefits if he retires:

Declining Strike Rate: Today when we see the breathtaking and courageous style of cricket England present, we all want our team to follow it. Powerplay for India has become a nightmare. As the figures show below, strike rate of MS is gradually decreasing. This is a valid concern with the way cricket is played nowadays.

Is it time for MS Dhoni to retire?
Is it time for MS Dhoni to retire?



TIME FOR YOUNG GUYS: This question arises in everyone’s mind, is it time for Rishabh Pant to become India’s lead wicket-keeper. England went for young guns after disastrous World cup in 2015 and it worked wonders for them. It looks like its time for India to embrace its upcoming young generation. Time is the best cure and we need to show patience towards our youngsters.. You can’t expect something to improve with a magic wand. 

Is it time for MS Dhoni to retire?
Is it time for MS Dhoni to retire?

Causes of MS leaving?

PRESSURE HANDLING: MS Dhoni biggest qualities were his pressure handling and decision making. Causes of such retirement could be devastating. Nobody knows whether younger generation are upto scratch to handle such big responsibilities.  This is the point of needing MS to continue upto 2020. 

Team Morale: A dressing room morale is very crucial for a teams well being. A player like MS is a crucial glue to that problem. His excellent record in his captaincy proves that. You need someone who has the experience to keep the dressing room together and manage pressure from media and fans. He is an intelligent man who has harnessed a lot of experience and keeps the team together. 

My view to if MS Dhoni should retire?

My view is MS Dhoni has to continue upto 2020 for the youngsters who need his guidance in this transitional phase. MS is an excellent player with unbelievable keeping abilities. Youngsters can learn a lot from him. We know the qualities of MS and it would not be surprising if he decides to retire as he puts country above himself. He has served this country tremendously. A gracious and a loyal person deserves our respect. We have to give him time and space to come upto the decision and whatever it may be, we need to back him.




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